Digital Strategy & Service Design

A people-centric design
digital transformation

It is no secret advances in technology including AI, automation and ML, is dramatically impacting the world of work, simultaneously improving productivity and efficiency, engaging your workforce in new ways, and improving user experiences. However, too often these benefits are not realized due to a lack of attention to CX, service delivery design, and culture. Our services focus on putting people at the center of the transformation process, designing an experience enabled by technology, not the other way around.

Improve Your Candidate Experience
in the Hiring Process

Digital Strategy

We will guide you through the process of reviewing your current state technology architecture, selection of technologies based on rigorous marketplace mapping, culminating in a technology strategy and roadmap to guide your digital transformation.


Mapping processes helps organizations figure out how they create value, where breakdowns occur, and which parts of their workflows require attention. Mapping processes also enables redesigning for efficiency, effectiveness, reliability, and consistency.

CX Journey Mapping

CX analysis culminates in a journey map to visualize the experience through a specific process. The journey map identifies key friction points users are experiencing which is then addressed in recommendations within the Service Blueprint and Roadmap.

Service Design

Integral to any transformation is how you deliver the experience with a people-first outlook. Service design blueprints supports you to optimize your operations to better support user journeys and is an ideal approach to design experiences in Talent Acquisition as they are omnichannel and require cross functional effort. We address key strategic choices including the optimal organizational delivery structure and job design, place (onshore, offshore), and the impact of automation.

Change Readiness

Benefits can only be realized through change and change can only be sustained by realizing benefits. We will work with you to Identify who is impacted by the proposed change and what collaboration will be necessary with the stakeholders who will be needed to support the implementation. We can also support the transformation phase end-to-end and provide advice and regular check-ins to maximize the success of the transformation.