Competition for top talent is fierce, your technology needs to be too.


Clients are relying on you to find and deliver qualified talent, sometimes within hours, so it’s imperative to strike when the iron is hot. How do you stay ahead of the curve?


Let us help you find the answer.


Talent acquisition is more dynamic than ever and if you’re not keeping up with talent acquisition trends, you’re slipping behind. At Talent Tech Labs, we understand the business challenges that are unique to staffing firms and how to leverage technology so you can be more efficient, knowledgeable, and responsive to your clients’ needs.

We facilitate growth & innovation

Increase Efficiency

Discover what technologies are available in the marketplace to help you cast a wider net and unearth hidden talent; increase efficiency for sourcing and hiring; and learn how to better assess candidate skills so your placements stick.

Disrupt Processes

Learn what technologies and staffing solutions are available for automating back office functions and routine tasks, so you can cut costs without sacrificing quality of service.

Keep Learning

Stay current with industry trends and best practices.

Susan C. Dietrich

Principal, TOPS Staffing, LLC

Our partnership with Talent Tech Labs has been a huge success. The depth of knowledge they provide has guided us through the rough waters of today's constantly changing workforce landscape. I intend to extend this partnership long into the future!

Membership Benefits

Unbiased, Actionable Research

Make timely, informed decisions

Whether you’re looking for a bird’s eye-view or to get into the weeds, our HR Research Library offers deep dives and quick hits on a full-range of topics that are most important to you.

Expert Advice

Ideas and feedback from TTL analysts

When you need guidance or a sounding board, our team of HR analysts is available for high-touch, one-on-one consultations based on your agenda. We’ll provide clarity and guide you in the right direction.

Opportunity Map

Visualize gaps and bottlenecks in your business

We will evaluate your business processes and pinpoint areas where staffing technology could make a positive impact. We’ll then work with you to select the right tools and staffing solutions for the job.

Collaborative Problem-solving

Harness the collective knowledge of like-minded peers

Our corporate members are talent executives and functional leaders from SMBs and Fortune 500 companies, across a spectrum of industries such as retail, banking, and entertainment.

Live Webinars

Learn from industry leaders and subject matter experts

These virtual sessions bring together members and invited guest speakers for engaging and timely discussions. You’ll depart with actionable insights and new relationships.

Peer Community

Surround yourself with like-minded professionals

You’ll join a high-caliber roster of executives and functional leaders from small to large staffing agencies, across a spectrum of services and specializations.

How Talent Tech Labs Helps Staffing Firms

Your clients expect you to be using the new tech in the recruiting space…but where is the time to evaluate new products when you are filling job requirements? Talent Tech Labs knows the challenges staffing companies face. We offer unbiased insights and cutting-edge research to help you make the right decisions with your solutions. View our staffing firms use case to see how Talent Tech Labs can transform your staffing services.