Vendors and Buyers Speak Two Different Languages: We Translate For You

Vendors and buyers are speaking two different languages. Vendors talk about features, benefits and cost. Buyers are looking for solutions to business problems.


A Clear View into
TA & Recruitment Technology

When we started Talent Tech Labs, our goal was to bring those two languages together and help vendors, buyers, analysts, and practitioners understand what these tools do, how they solve business problems and where each falls in the Talent Acquisition process. In essence, we’re creating a structure that allows everyone to look at TA Tech through the same lens.

The result? A comprehensive ecosystem of platforms, tools, products, and areas of functional expertise. We’ve created a taxonomy to help you sort through the confusing and growing industry that makes up Talent Acquisition. Rather than lumping Talent Acquisition into Talent Management or HR; we’ve given it the room it needs to be explored by recruiters, staffing firms leaders, corporate TA leaders, and everyone in between.

Unique & Comprehensive
Research at Your Fingertips

The 8th edition of the TA Technology Ecosystem highlights the most innovation and influential companies in the industry today.

The Ecosystem is organized by hiring stage, sub-vertical, and whether the tools are more focused on the employer or the candidate. In each stage –Source, Engage, Select and Hire– the marketplace has experienced tremendous shifts, driven by technology innovations, candidate and client preferences, the global economy, and recruiting practices.

Our survey data suggests that companies are having the most trouble sourcing qualified candidates and engaging them, and, unsurprisingly, these two areas were the parts of the ecosystem where we saw the most growth.

Visualize and understand
the dynamic world of TA technology

The original TA Technology Ecosystem began as a smorgasbord of Post-Its on a wall in our office. We digitized those notes, creating what you see today—a structured graphic visualization of the recruitment technology marketplace, broken down by hiring stages, purpose, and role. Download your free copy and start exploring.


Get on our radar. We’re always on the hunt for the latest, most innovative emerging technology. Share yours and you could be featured in the next Ecosystem.