Talent Acquisition Technology Ecosystem

Our TA Ecosystem is unique, comprehensive and always updated.

Talent Tech Labs’ Talent Acquisition Technology Ecosystem was originally developed to create a single graphic that visually organized the various Talent Acquisition technologies on the market. The intent was to reduce noise, confusion, and clutter and create a structured view of this dynamic, dense, crowded space.

Visualize and Understand the Dynamic world of TA Technology

Within the Ecosystem, companies are organized based on the Stage of the Talent Acquisition process their solutions focus on, including Source, Engage, or Hire and they are aligned by companies that develop candidate-focused solutions and those which develop employer-focused solutions.

The ability to see these solutions at a glance and understand which other tools do the same or similar things is extremely valuable in a time when the industry is growing rapidly. We’ve seen companies change the areas of the ecosystem, pivot into a new stage, and even create entirely new categories. In this way, we can see trends and investment shaping the industry from both a candidate and an employer view.

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