What We Do

Research & Advisory

You are the Priority

At Talent Tech labs, we are driven by a mission to equip talent executives and functional leaders with the right mix of market intelligence, industry insights, and human guidance, so you can wisely (and confidently) choose the right tools and solutions to execute today’s complex hiring challenges. 

We believe the information you receive should be free of bias. We are the only research and advisory firm wholly-focused on talent acquisition technologies and 100% independent, which means we take no stance on a particular software and do not push our clients towards a specific platform. We don’t earn commissions or kickbacks and are not sponsored by a technology provider.

Decision Support

Our growing team of analysts are well-versed in recruitment technology and available to answer any questions you may have. Consider them your allies and sounding board.

By remaining objective and clarifying the features and functionalities that vendors are selling, we help you cut through the noise and narrow down the list of tools and solutions that would be most appropriate for your unique challenges. In addition, we help you stay cognizant of the current state of talent acquisition and, based on concrete data, learn where it’s headed so you’re always on the pulse of what’s happening.

Market Intelligence

Our Research Library is continuously updated and provides a full-range of reports such as peer and industry surveys, best practices, trends reviews, and technology evaluations. Whether you’re looking to do a deep dive or get a quick hit of information, the library is available for you 24/7.


We foster collaboration amongst our members through an annual calendar of executive programs and webinars, as well as peer communities and direct contact with TTL experts.