Technology Vendor Selection

The Ever-Evolving TA and HR Tech Space is Difficult
to Keep Pace With

Selecting the right technology vendors is more challenging than ever due to the rapid advancement of new AI cloud-based software with new vendors are emerging daily. TTL’s services will support you through the entire process of understanding your needs through vendor identification and selection. Our services include Market Research and Advice, Ecosystem Trend Talks, Opportunity Mapping, and Strategy Days.

Clear the Noise in the Overcrowded
TA and HR Space

Market Research and Advice

We know the talent acquisition space is overcrowded with new technologies emerging daily. Comparing the features and functionalities of each technology is not easy which is why TTL constantly researches the marketplace to understand the true capability of each software vendor in the TA marketplace to ensure we can guide you to select the technology that’s right for your organization.

Understand the need

We will spend time upfront understanding your current tech stack and clearly defining and framing the problems you want the technology to solve.

Ecosystem Trend Talks

Our Trend Talks help educate your teams on the current state of the technology marketplace we offer Ecosystem Trend Talks on the external technology landscape and current trends and feel confident they understand how the core technologies are optimized.

Opportunity Mapping

TTL culls through the vendor noise and focuses only on the right and best technologies that meet the business’ unique requirements and that solve their respective problems. We will gather and use market intelligence to make the case for new technologies and help secure executive and departmental buy-ins.

Strategy Days

We work with you to organize and facilitate technology strategy days to ensure your teams are aligned on the final technology choices so you have clarity on how technology will support your strategy moving forward.