We strive to cut through the noise of the Talent Acquisition Technology landscape to provide an accurate depiction of what it looks like today and prepare you for tomorrow.


Talent Tech Labs conducts annual industry surveys to provide data-centric analysis of Talent Acquisition Technology and how it’s being applied in Talent Acquisition.


Survey Results: Talent Acquisition Technology

In the years ahead, the skills shortage will continue to drive the demand for investments in new Talent Acquisition Technology. This report utilizes data from an online survey of senior Talent Acquisition and HR leaders. Discover how to transform your Talent Acquisition strategy with new solutions for a new era.


Talent Tech Labs organizes established and emerging technologies into four separate stages: Source, Engage, Select and Hire. Twelve verticals and 34 sub-verticals categorize the ecosystem more granularly to make sense of the many facets.


Ecosystem insights

The sub-verticals that categorize the Talent Acquisition Technology Ecosystem expand, contract and completely transform as technology evolves. Dive into our Ecosystem Insights to leverage the key features, functionality, revenue models and trends within these subcategories.


Our comprehensive Buyer’s Guides walk you through the entire process of researching, comparing and selecting Talent Acquisition Technology. Created by our Executive team, these guides are a Talent Acquisition practitioner's partner in finding the right tools for any organization.


These quick and easily digestible subject updates provide insight into specific challenges or inquiries we’ve received regarding sub-verticals. Consider these your go-to analyst briefings!


Analytics Briefing

This report includes an overview definition of TA Analytics and a list of core features associated with the companies in this segment. It also lists the innovative and influential companies we believe hiring organizations should pay attention to.