Talent Tech Labs prides itself on creating bleeding-edge research on the trends shaping the Talent Acquisition space. From interviews with the Talent Acquisition leaders working on the front lines to whitepapers from our partners and in-depth analysis and future shifts, we’re dedicated to bringing founders, practitioners, and investors together.

The Talent Tech Labs Ecosystem

A Detailed View of the Talent Acquisition Space

We define Talent Acquisition Technology pretty clearly in our Ecosystem. It’s a surprisingly broad category, even under our definition. It can be both candidate and employer facing, and often does. It falls into four separate stages: Source, Engage, Select, Hire. Beyond this, it gets pretty granular with over 27 subcategories.

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Evolution of the Ecosystem

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Expert-led Debriefings of our Ecosystem

We continuously provide analytical reports to explain the evolution of the ecosystem. Our reports evaluate the emerging and shifting vendors as well as provide direction as to what these changes mean for the world of talent acquisition.


The Talent Acquisition Technology space has welcomed Artificial Intelligence with open arms and some skepticism, both bringing a lot of noise on what AI truly is. Perhaps the Talent Acquisition community is uniquely defensive to being told its livelihood is threatened by the latest and greatest new tech tool, as it has since the first online job board and résumé databases.

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