Make Better Decisions, Faster

A New Kind of Research and Analyst Firm

The problem with sitting at the executive level, is you might wonder if you’re making the best possible decision for your company.

There really wasn’t a great way to see into the future to how your final call would impact the enterprise. But with TTL, you can make the right decisions, with total assurance, and way faster than you ever thought.

  • Dedicated meetings with analyst picked for your specific needs
  • At-a-glance product evaluations
  • An objective “demo buddy” so you can evaluate more products
  • Analyst hours to use any way you want

Find the Right Provider in a Snap

Sometimes you’re not sure to invest time to take a vendor demo.  Or you would just like that last bit of validation (or caution) in making that all-important selection.

Our Provider Snapshots are designed for these times! Talent Tech Labs Provider Snapshots offer you Talent Acquisition recommendations so you can make your Talent Acquisition Technology decisions with confidence.

  • Get an easy to read, 2-page report on product features
  • Uncover functionality and benefits you may have overlooked
  • Learn if the tool you’re considering is right for your industry and size
  • Avoid time-consuming vendor calls and demos and let us do the work
  • Use our expert opinion on whether this is the right platform for you

The Support You Need, Research You Can Trust

Before you invest your valuable time and resources in evaluating (or purchasing) a particular provider’s products, make sure you have all the facts. Talent Tech Labs’ Provider Snapshots offer an overview of current product features and vendor functionalities as well as our assessment of where this solution fits best with your company.