How Our Ecosystem Taxonomy Has Evolved Over The Years

Recently, we announced the release of our 10th Edition of the Ecosystem. This taxonomy, which is designed to provide clarity and insight for practitioners regarding TA tech and industry trends, has grown substantially since our first iteration.

Over the years, our team added new categories, stages, verticals, and sub-verticals as the TA tech vendor marketplace became increasingly populated and complex. As the technologies we use evolved, so did our report. While the depth and look of our Ecosystem certainly have adapted, the overall intent remains the same — to provide our members with unmatched insights and advice on how to navigate and prepare for the future of TA tech. 

Today, we take a look at how our Ecosystem has changed, from our first-ever edition to our landmark 10th edition.

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Where We Started

Ecosystem 1

Our first edition started as an idea on a whiteboard. Featuring 160+ companies, this ecosystem looks mighty simplified compared to today.

  • 160+ Companies Featured
  • 3 Stages
  • 4 Company Categories

This humble beginning launched a new way for TA and talent management professionals to understand the landscape of tech and select the right vendor for their needs.


Ecosystem 2

The Talent Acquisition Technology Space had changed so significantly and rapidly that we had to increase the speed at which we release new Ecosystems, from 6 months to 3 months.

  • 250+ Companies Featured
  • 3 Stages
  • 13 Company Categories
  • 28 Sub-Verticals
  • Renamed the “Interview” stage to “Engage”

TTL remains committed to providing the latest insights and highest quality data by highlighting companies focused on innovation and influence.


Ecosystem 3

There were not too many changes between our 2nd and 3rd Ecosystem. As our list of highlighted companies grew, we knew that some large changes would soon come to the sub-verticals and categories represented.

  • 270+ Companies Featured
  • 3 Stages
  • 13 Company Categories
  • 28 Sub-Verticals

Ecosystem 4

As the landscape for TA tech became increasingly complex, we worked to further refine our categories, verticals, and sub-verticals to reflect the market. Here’s a snapshot of what our 4th Edition of the Ecosystem looked like:

  • 6 Company Categories Represented at the Source Stage
  • 4 Company Categories Represented at the Engage Stage
  • 3 Company Categories Represented at the Hire Stage
  • 28 Sub-Verticals
  • 280+ Companies Highlighted

A New Stage Emerges

Ecosystem 5

The 5th edition of the TTL Ecosystem saw the emergence of a new stage, the Select Stage. This stage was created to highlight companies, tools, and assessments aimed at driving efficiencies through the interview process. Other changes to our Ecosystem included:

  • 4 Stages
  • Introduction of the Select Stage
  • 4 New Sub-Verticals
  • 14 Company Categories
  • 1 New Vertical
  • 310+ Companies Highlighted

Ecosystem 6

Our 6th Ecosystem didn’t feature too many drastic changes. As we added a new Sub-Vertical and continued to evaluate the effectiveness of our 14 verticals, our main changes involved growing the list of influential and innovative companies featured in our report.

  • 4 Stages
  • 1 New Sub-Vertical
  • 14 Verticals
  • 330+ Companies Highlighted

Ecosystem 7

Ecosystem 7 had many changes to its report. Not only did our team add a new vertical, but we also included 5 new sub-verticals to better provide focused insight for our members. The additions of these new verticals and sub-verticals enabled us to better organize our data.

  • 4 Stages
  • 1 New Vertical
  • 5 New Sub-Verticals
  • Split the Job Marketing & Distribution Sub-Vertical into 2 Unique Sub-Verticals
  • Brand Creation and Management Vertical Split Into 2 Different Sub-Verticals
  • 340+ Companies Highlighted

Where We Are Now

Ecosystem 8

By the time we got around to our 8th Ecosystem, it was clear that our report was highly useful for TA professionals. With more than 2,000 companies reaching out to be included, our team parsed through these innovative organizations, finding 370+ worthy of deeper discussion.

  • Cut 74 Companies, And Added 110 More
  • 370+ Total Companies Highlighted
  • 2,000+ Vendors Surveyed
  • 1 New Vertical
  • 2 New Sub-Verticals

Ecosystem 9

Talent Tech Labs saw a spike in the number of organizations hoping to be included in our 9th Ecosystem. Sticking to our prerequisites of innovation and influence, we surveyed thousands of organizations. In the end, more than 550 companies were deemed influential enough to include in our report. See what other changes we made to our Ecosystem:

  • Vetted Thousands Of Companies
  • 550+ Total Companies Highlighted
  • 5 New Sub-Verticals
  • 5 Company Categories In The Source Stage
  • 2 Company Categories In The Engage Stage
  • 4 Company Categories In The Select Stage
  • 2 Company Categories In The Hire Stage

Ecosystem 10

The latest Ecosystem, Ecosystem 10, provides the most in-depth and organized look at TA tech vendors yet. In this edition, we worked to better refine our verticals and sub-verticals based on current and future TA tech trends. As even more companies reached out to be included in our report, we took our time vetting organizations.

  • Removed Shared Talent Networks
  • 1 New Vertical
  • Combined Candidate Communications And Bots Into 1 Category
  • Combined Resume Parsing And Matching Into 1 Sub-Vertical
  • 94 Companies Were Cut, With 84 New Companies Added
  • 550+ Total Companies Highlighted
See how the @TalentTechLabs #Ecosystem has changed over the last 10 editions. The economy might look different, but Talent Tech Lab’s goal has remained the same: to provide actionable insights to #TATech users: Share on X

As the markets continue to shift and new technology vendors emerge, TTL remains committed to delivering the best, most up-to-date insights possible. Our analysts and researchers are constantly scanning the industry for trends and future shifts so that our Ecosystem can reflect the market that our members like you operate in each day. To keep up with the latest evolutions and for access to the most recent insights, be sure to join our membership portal.