The Power of Generative AI in Learning and Development

Generative AI has had a huge boom in the last year as organizations and companies rush to incorporate this new form of technology. It seems like we can’t escape any mention of generative AI or ChatGPT in our lives; whether it’s hearing about how useful it can be in creating trip itineraries to seeing talent acquisition vendors release a homegrown instance of it to support recruiting.

Over the last few months, we’ve seen some large names in TA release their proprietary instances of generative AI, namely Beamery with Talent GPT and Seekout Assist. Vendors are recognizing the levels of efficiency and support generative AI applications can provide in talent acquisition, whether it is reducing time in matching candidates to a job description or personalizing emails at scale. So, it feels natural that we also begin to take advantage of the benefits of generative AI in talent management.

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Anticipated Generative AI Applications in Learning and Development

One of the most obvious and upcoming applications is in learning and development. It feels like an ideal match to pair L&D with generative AI, considering one of its strong suits is content generation. Some of the major applications we anticipate to emerge onto the market include the following:

Efficient and Easy Content Generation: Generative AI allows any user, even inexperienced ones, to be able to easily curate engaging content for any topic. It is able to produce a list of videos, articles, courses and other forms of media based upon a group’s learning preferences or needs. By reducing the curation time, administrators are better able to dedicate their effort to strategy, understanding learning analytics to drive learner preference insights.

Pocket Coach/Tutor: A pocket coach in the form of a mobile application can bring personalization in learning and development to another level. The employee has the ability to inform the pocket coach with their specific preferences, needs, and goals and the pocket coach would be able to provide microlearning in a very targeted manner. Think about the possibility of having a coach to ask “what kind of skills should I learn in order to better position myself for a promotion?” In addition, a pocket coach can also allow for better learning in the flow of work, ie. a retail employee being able to scan a product to learn about it and be able to improve their selling methods.

Automatic Translations and Captions: For global organizations, making sure content is accessible across their diverse workforce is essential. With generative AI, borders are broken as employees can access content in the language of their choice, or be exposed to global content that can be easily translated. From an accessibility perspective, being able to ensure captions on all videos and audio formats is crucial to making your workplace more inclusive and welcoming.

Standout Vendors Using Generative AI

Aside from the numerous applications that can be achieved with Chat GPT, there are some emerging vendors that are worth taking a look at:

Glean: AI-powered workplace search allowing employees and managers to search for content across all their company’s apps. Employees are able to catch up easily on ongoing projects and receive summaries and answers to their questions based upon the team they are on or the projects they are focused on.

This tool is incredibly powerful when part of a learning and development strategy to engage employees in “need to know” and “have to know” information about the organization.

Rise Up: An LMS/LXP tool that integrates generative AI to allow for easier automated content generation, translations and content recommendations. Administrators are able to create engaging content easily by incorporating articles and courses based upon the learners’ interests and needs.

This all-in-one tool gives organizations the ability to provide employees with a “single pane of glass” experience while also taking advantage of generative AI to provide stronger recommendations for “nice to know” and “want to know” learning.

Future Considerations

Like all things generative AI, the applications in learning and development are immense but also should be taken with a grain of salt. Generative AI is still new and there are a lot of imperfections, namely hallucinations or providing misleading information. It is important to recognize that generative AI cannot replace human administrators, rather it is to be viewed as a tool that improves their work and frees them to focus on more strategic and productive tasks.

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