TTL’s 2023 State of Talent Acquisition Technology Survey

In the ever-evolving landscape of talent acquisition and management technology, staying ahead requires more than just intuition – it demands strategic insights and analysis backed by data. At Talent Tech Labs, we rely on many tools to understand the pulse of the market, including the power of collective knowledge through industry-wide surveys.

Invitation: 2023 State of Talent Acquisition Technology Survey

At the time of this blog post publication, the Talent Tech Labs’ 2023 State of Talent Acquisition Technology Survey is underway and we are inviting all talent leaders to contribute! This survey presents an exceptional opportunity to share your experience and insights. In turn, TTL will deliver the results that will help your organization to understand your talent acquisition function relative to your peers as well as the latest technology trends shaping the future of the industry. 

All participants will receive a complimentary copy of the full survey results. Additionally, all survey respondents will be entered to win one of the following:

  • Two hours with expert TTL analysts ($1,200 value)
  • $250 Amazon gift card or donation to the charity of your choice

We encourage all talent leaders to lend us your experience by taking the survey. All responses are confidential at the individual level, and will be aggregated to provide industry benchmarks. Click here to take the survey. 

Survey Findings: What to Expect

The survey is designed to provide a comprehensive view of the current state of play for TA technology across multiple industries and company sizes. Here are some of the metrics we are collecting and how you can apply them to your organization. 

  • Productivity Benchmarking: Gauge your performance to your peers using various TA productivity and performance metrics.
  • Talent Acquisition Efficiency Metrics:  Learn the common metrics associated with TA performance as well as approaches to common TA process challenges.
  • Technology Use & Satisfaction Rates: View the usage and satisfaction rates of a range of technology tools, from AI & Algorithm Audit to Video Interviewing Tools!
  • Technology Budget Spend Comparisons: Understand your total technology costs and investment levels relative to your peers. Are you spending too much or too little on talent tech to be competitive?
  • Top Talent Acquisition Priorities: Learn how your top TA priorities for the upcoming year align – or don’t align – with your peers.

A Look Back: Highlights from 2022

As we excitedly anticipate the 2023 survey findings, here are some highlights from the state of the TA market just one year ago.

Here’s what was trending in 2022:

  • Applicant Tracking Systems, Job Boards and Job Aggregators, and Social Networks were the most popular forms of talent acquisition technology for both corporations and staffing agencies.
  • Robotic Process Automation platforms had a relatively small footprint but the businesses using them reported high satisfaction with the technology.
  • Candidate Relationship Management tools were thriving, while Candidate Communication & Bots were declining, potentially driven by leveraging such capabilities in the native ATS or CRM. 
  • Deployment Platforms, Analytics and Labor Market Intelligence, and Candidate Communications and Bots stood out among all sub-verticals for having few or no dissatisfied users and a substantial proportion of satisfied users.
  • Workforce planning and generating qualified applicants were reported as the two weakest areas of organizational capability, while quality of hire was reported as the strongest.

Thank You In Advance

As a talent leader, we value your input and hope you take advantage of the opportunity to help shape the future of recruiting and join us in moving the industry forward. Click the link below to start the survey now.

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