Recruitment Technology Providers

You’re building the technology of tomorrow for the leaders of today.

The only constant in Talent Acquisition is change. Funding cycles, new market niches, intense competition, and lots of noise all make this space one of the most challenging. Partner with Talent Tech Labs to cut through the noise, access the right market, and build a TA product that stands out from the pack.

Recruitment Technology Providers Membership offers countless exclusive ways to perfect your product, sales processes, and create demand for your Talent Acquisition solution.

Through our Recruitment Technology Providers Membership Program you and your founding team have access to exclusive research, deep insights, networking opportunities, market intelligence and access, recurring demo days, beta testing opportunities with established enterprise prospects, plus a host of other specialized services. These specialized services include:

  • Product Roadmap Validation. Create the future of your product with a group of experts who know what the market needs today and tomorrow. Our exclusive research and intelligence gives you the confidence you need to build the platform the market wants.
  • Collaboration. For a startup, almost nothing is as dangerous as working in a vacuum. Fortunately, with your TTL network, you don’t have to. Collaborate with startups working with the same challenges and tackle co-marketing partnerships to increase market share.
  • Market Access and Intelligence. Our research library helps Recruitment Technology Vendors understand the peaks and valleys in recruitment and candidate trends. Determine the right time to bring a product to market, identify competition, commission customized research, and more with TTL.

How Talent Tech Labs Helps Recruitment Technology Vendors

You have the best idea for how to transform Talent Acquisition for the better, but not the attention and validation of your product you need to be heard by your best prospects. Your solution can make major waves in the market, but you have to get through a noisy market first. We create opportunities to validated solutions to get the exposure they need, and offer intelligence to truly understand what your prospects need, this year and the year after that.

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