The Impact of Generative AI on Talent, Technology and Human Capital

Our latest Trend Report unpacks the profound implications of Gen AI on HR and talent acquisition, and includes critical insights from industry experts and real-world applications that are reshaping processes today.

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This Trend Report Includes:

  • A Case Study Highlighting Walmart’s Gen AI Journey
  • Expert Insights on Risk Mitigation and Enterprise Implementation Advice
  • Highlights from Innovators with Co-Pilots Already at Work
  • How to Navigate the Future of GenAI with Care and Caution

Generative AI is a monumental breakthrough, comparable in significance to the transformative impact of the internet, with profound implications across all sectors, including the talent function.

Given the transformative influence of this technology, preparing to navigate your Gen AI journey is more important than ever. Featuring contributions from Gen AI experts, innovators, and companies actively applying Gen AI, this Trend Report offers essential insights, valuable data, and a comprehensive perspective on this paradigm-shifting technology and what it means for today’s talent leaders.

Navigating the Generative AI Journey

Prepare for Generative AI's Impact on Talent, Technology, and Human Capital