CHRO Trend Talk

August 13 @ 2 PM-3 PM EST

With the unprecedented events of the pandemic and the movement towards diversity and inclusion, the world of talent and recruitment is changing rapidly. The CHRO Trend Talk unpacks the most recent trends in hiring and talent acquisition.To stay competitive and ahead of the curve, CHROs need to know the latest trends in this new reality and how they will impact the future of talent acquisition. 

The Value of the CHRO Trend Talk

During this period of change within the talent acquisition space, TTL launched a virtual Trend Talk to inform leading CHROs on the most recent trends of hiring remotely during the pandemic and renewed interest in diversity hiring technology. 

By joining the CHRO Trend Talk, you will gain insight into: 

  • New perspectives on remote, diversity hiring strategies 
  • Insights into innovative diversity technologies 
  • How to build a diverse workforce in today’s new reality of remote work 
  • What the technology stacks of the future will look like in the post-COVID world 
  • Best practices around how companies are adapting to the new remote TA landscape
  • The importance of diversity in desired business targets and outcomes


Brian Delle Donne

Talent Tech Labs

Brian is the Co-Founder & President of Talent Tech Labs. He has been a leading force in driving innovation through his career in operating roles in the industry. After serving as Chief Operating Officer at both large public and privately held staffing and project engineering firms he has amassed a wealth of insight into effectively applying innovation.

Jonathan Kestenbaum

Jonathan Kestenbaum

Managing Director
Talent Tech Labs

Jonathan is the Co-Founder & Managing Director of Talent Tech Labs. He is a lawyer by education and an entrepreneur and investor by trade. Jonathan can be found at HR technology conferences all over the world as a sought-after speaker and panelist sharing deep insights into the evolution of the Talent Acquisition Ecosystem.

About Talent Tech Labs:

Talent Tech Labs is a research and advisory firm specializing in analyzing talent technologies that solve the business and human challenges of Talent Acquisition. Learn more about Talent Tech Labs here.