TTL Helped JLL Cut to the Chase For TA Tech Vendors

As a forward-thinking company, Talent Tech Labs prides itself in supporting those from all backgrounds. Often, we choose to highlight specific success cases in which our members found benefits from embracing a long-term partnership with our team of experts. Today, we’ll highlight how Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) saw success when relying on TLL’s advice for the TA technology vendor marketplace. To see the full results, check out our complete case study.

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A Look Into JLL

As a leading professional services firm specializing in real estate and investment management, JLL helps shape the future of real estate using advanced technologies. JLL is committed to providing the best for its clients and communities by creating rewarding opportunities, amazing spaces, and sustainable real estate solutions. As a Fortune 500 Company, JLL has expanded its operations worldwide, creating a global workforce of more than 92,000 employees.

The Problem

After a year of tremendous growth, JLL knew they needed to enhance and expand their talent acquisition (TA) abilities to support their evolving needs. The trouble was that the TA marketplace is a complex and often overwhelming landscape, making it difficult to choose between vendors. Many solutions overlap in capabilities, clouding your ability to evaluate between options. JLL wanted to be sure that they were choosing the right solution for their workplace so that they could enhance their recruiting capabilities while embracing innovation.

“There is just too much to digest across the vendor landscape, and things change so quickly; it’s impossible to keep up.” 

– Jane Curran, JLL’s Director of Talent

The Solution

JLL reached out to a tried and trusted expert on TA Tech, Talent Tech Labs (TTL). Embracing their newfound partnership, JLL trusted TTL to guide them in the right direction regarding TA vendor solutions. Once JLL became a member of TTL’s TA Advisory program, they got instant access to our entire body of product research, market analysis, and industry best practices. This enabled JLL to have self-served, unlimited access to the research and insights they needed to evaluate and choose between vendor solutions. What’s more, using TTL’s Executive Forum, JLL was able to connect with like-minded peers to gain knowledge of best use cases, challenges, and priorities when it comes to utilizing TA technology solutions.

“With TTL, there were no unnecessary demos, they helped me cut to the chase, and I was quickly connected to the vendor companies that actually fit our needs the best.”

– Jane Curran, Director of Talent, JLL

The Result

Thanks to the advice from trusted TA tech experts, JLL was able to save hundreds of hours that would have been spent interacting with various vendors. This resulted in less time wasted evaluating between options and increased the efficiency and confidence of their team when it came to implementing TA planning and technology solutions. Together, TTL and JLL are able to navigate the current TA tech landscape and better predict the future state of TA technology.

With assistance from @TalentTechLabs, @JLL was able to find the right #TATech solution for their specific needs: Share on X

As the only research and advisory firm solely committed to fostering innovation, diversity, passion, and opportunity through elevating recruitment and TA technology, TLL empowers your team to do more with less. To learn more about what benefits you’ll experience when you partner with Talent Tech Labs, reach out to our team of experts and see how we can help you on your TA technology journey.

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