How Beta Testing Helps You – Not Just Your Technology

Feedback from beta testers is a crucial component in the successful launch of any emerging technology. Starting something new, whether it be a practice, hobby, or job, requires a level of trial and error that only following through with a process can obtain. That’s exactly why we believe beta testing is a pivotal step in supporting startups and entrepreneurs in any space, especially Talent Acquisition. Beta testers give startups unique insight into how the market will accept their technology.

1. Beta testing ensures quality.

Just as beta is the second letter of the alphabet—beta testing is the second phase of software testing. After creating your new tool, beta testing will allow a few selected individuals to access the technology. It’s a test run.

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Participating in beta testing is like joining a chartered exploration of a newly discovered country. Beta testers, after being given access to your platform, will navigate a system that only your internal team has previously toured. While the technology was your idea, you don’t always know what’s best for the actual user. In fact, you might be too close to see what’s really needed.

A beta tester is not only excited to test-drive the newest device or application, but also passionate about shaping the final result. This is good news. A tester will bring fresh eyes to the UX and UI and report issues that could otherwise slip through the cracks. A good team of testers include both novices and experts in the industry so your Development Team can see how various levels of users will view each part of the platform. Is it really as intuitive as you think?

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Takeaway: It’s harder than you think to make new technology, and it’s really tough to solve problems that have been frustrating business owners for decades.

2. Collaboration ensures stability and reliability.

Beta testing allows technology developers to see just how far their system can be pushed. From user experience of features to actual element design, the first conversations surrounding a product are often regarding the reliability of the program (hardware, software, or cloud-based). For example, beta testers supply feedback on the issues they discover while navigating—in addition to providing advice on features.

These discussions are not solely between tester and developer. They often take place in ways that foster input from other testers, either in person or via forums. If a bug is found by one tester, others are asked to try replicating the issue. Not only can they find the issue, their experience in the field can result in suggestions for solving it. There are many ways to approach testing a product, but inviting this collaboration will prove or find holes in the stability and security of your system.

Takeaway: No matter how secure or stable a technology seems to be, there’s still a chance someone with the right knowledge can compromise. The best solution is to get them on your team as a tester.

3. The networking capabilities, (they ensure goals are met.)

Depending on the industry your technology will enter, beta testers can and should come from various skill levels. Talent acquisition technology is a good example of an industry tool that sees various levels of users. There’s a good chance your user will be anyone from a fresh out of college Millennial to a seasoned expert.

When beta testers match that vast spectrum, developers will receive straightforward and honest feedback that accounts for someone who understands various technologies while also hearing the pain points of someone who may have never used a tool like yours. A technology’s goal is to meet the end user’s need, whoever they might be. At Talent Tech Labs, our community of Talent Acquisition experts are made available to provide feedback and “beta test” up-and-coming tech in our incubator.

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Takeaway: Developers or business leaders might believe they understand the market their technology is entering, but a diverse testing team might unearth missed opportunities that set the tool apart from any others.

Startups introducing new products and systems into the Talent Acquisition space cannot overlook the importance of beta testing insight. We work hard to find beta testers who see the value in their work as well as recognize the amazing opportunity in this step of developing an emergent technology.

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