Launches the Staffing Technology Report in Partnership with Talent Tech Labs

At Talent Tech Labs, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technological trends and research, which is why we’ve partnered with to bring forward a report featuring the latest in Staffing Technology. 

Alongside, we are very excited to announce the launch of the Staffing Technology Report! This report features the responses of over 100 staffing professionals and reveals insights into the staffing technology landscape. Now more than ever, your staffing technology decisions have the power to make or break your internal and external strategies, making it imperative you dive deep into the latest happenings in this sector.

Staffing Technology Report Findings

The report is divided into three parts. The first section is a general overview of staffing technology and future trends, the second includes an evaluation of existing technology capabilities, and the last is about the ROI of different technologies.

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The report not only explores some challenges in staffing technology but also provides great recommendations and tips on improving those metrics. 

Tips provided in this report include: 

  • How staffing firms can improve the recruiter experience
  • How to improve your candidate sourcing strategy
  • Must-have features for applicant tracking systems
  • The best candidate assessment & selection tests
  • Tool tips from the Talent Tech Labs team
  • And more!

Some of the report highlights include: 

  • Only 36% of staffing operators think their firm is ahead of the curve when it comes to technology
  • “Automation processes” and “digitizing staffing processes” are the biggest opportunities for staffing firms. 
  • Only 1 of 10 staffing agencies have effective online staffing capabilities.
  • 3.4/5 points is the average rating for existing technology capabilities. The highest rated technology capability is “Recruiter Experience” with a 3.7/5 point rating, and the worst is “Self-Service Capabilities Clients” with 3 of 5 points.
  • Job boards have the highest ROI, followed by ATS, interview scheduling tools, and online staffing capabilities. The lowest ROI was reported for chatbots

Get your hands on the latest staffing technology statistics and stay ahead of forecasted trends. 

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