New Trends Report Reveals Exciting Transformations in Candidate Experience

Editor’s Note: In the last volume of our trends report, we focused on the advancements seen in assessments and gamification and how they’re a catalyst for improving the candidate experience. Today, we’re in a market that is undeniably candidate driven and the treatment these individuals receive during the hiring process can mean the difference between snagging up the best talent from competitors or taking a backseat while they get their pick of the brightest and most talented.

Keeping up with the candidate driven market means keeping up with expectations and behaviors the latest generation is exhibiting in their job search patterns. Millennials, who have surpassed Generation Xers as the largest generation in the U.S. labor force freely share their outspoken perspectives. But let’s face it, no generation of job seeker likes cavalier company actions in the hiring process.

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  • TextRecruit’s CEO, Erik Kostelnik, Explains Why Texting Isn’t Enough
  • TalentSonar’s CEO, Laura Mather, Shares Her #1 Practice for Consistency in Candidate Experience
  • Johnson & Johnson’s Director of CX, Trevor Higgs, Reveals His Formula for Measuring Candidate Experience
  • Red Branch Media’s CEO, Maren Hogan, Highlights What Award-Winning Companies Do Right & How You Can Emulate Their Tactics
  • Traction + Scale’s CEO, Richard Hecker, Gives a Glimpse into an Investor’s Perspective of the Benefits of Implementing CX Technology
  • Allegis Global Solution’s Marketing/ Employer Branding Leader, Craig Fisher, Digs Deep into the Balance of AI and Human Interaction Needed for CX

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Here’s a sneak peek into what they discuss:
  • Text and chat as mediums will differentiate your company and help you earn the attention of your candidates, make it easier to be found and engage with, and draw in leads you would have otherwise missed out on.
  • Implementing structured interviews within your organization increases the quality of hires and improves the candidate experience for your applicants. Applying structure to every aspect of the interview and application process will create a comprehensive and unbiased interview experience and give those in your organization a deeper understanding of your company and your prospective candidate.
  • Ultimately, it is the candidates that will vote with their feet as companies make investments in their candidate experiences because the candidate experience is a promise about what the employee experience will be.
  • From CRMs to auto scheduling to assessments to determine fit, the tech is there to communicate, assess and nurture candidates through the funnel. Far from being a blue ocean, candidate experience is a place where with a little insight and some common sense, companies can still differentiate themselves with the right tools and processes.
  • As applicants get further into the process, chatbots will become involved making communication faster and more efficient than ever as they’re able to answer questions candidates have and lead them through the next steps. This constant outlet of communication gives candidates a better experience and keeps them engaged throughout the process so employers are less likely to miss out on a great hire.
  • That’s why the future of candidate experience rests not in the system, but rather, in the services. Behind every great technology there are great people, and without great people, no software in the world can fix a crappy candidate experience.

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