Remote Work Takes Over the World

With ⅔  of the World sheltering in place, we are living in unprecedented times. Given the fact almost every company is now remote-first for the foreseeable future, TTL thought it timely to produce a Trends Report around best practices related to working remotely and managing your team from home. Our Trends Report draws upon 6 leading experts in remote work management to show how a remote work model can succeed. 

Our report starts with key learnings from Stephane Kasriel former CEO of Upwork, the leading remote worker marketplace. Kasriel has advised many of the most complex companies on their remote work management strategies. We then hear a case study from Susie Wilson, Head of HR and performance at the Plan Group, a UK-based insurance provider, about the steps they have taken in response to working in a distributed work model to maintain culture and well-being. 

Britt Thomas, Global Director of Talent Brand and Innovation at Micron adds to the conversation by sharing how her firm is successfully adapting to the new normal and envisioning how the future looks like for a virtual workforce. An early proponent of remote working, David Heinemeier Hansson, who wrote “Remote: Office Not Required,” contributes his learnings on transitioning to remote work efficiently and effectively. From the staffing industry perspective, Ed Pederson, VP of Product Development, a $5 billion staffing and workforce solutions provider, discusses how the firm is evolving its business from managing remote teams to launching new product offerings. We then turn to the world of TA vendors, in particular a Talent Network Solutions provider, a platform that is particularly germane to this current crisis.’s President Kamal Ahluwalia discusses how a Talent Network Solutions provider works, the current traction, and how TA tech will evolve as a result of the pandemic. 

We end the Trends Report with an article by McKinsey and a playbook from Toptal. Download the Trends Report to hear these experts’ advice on working remotely and gain a comprehensive understanding of how to thrive in remote work management. 

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Trends Report: Mastering Remote Work Management