TTL’s Ecosystem 9.0 Brings Clarity to the Crowded Space of TA Technology

The talent acquisition and HR tech industry is a crowded space, and it is positioned to keep growing. Talent acquisition and HR leaders are continually inundated with information about various technologies across the entire landscape. With the bombardment of information, it can be daunting to cut through the noise and locate the right solution to fit unique business cases. TTL’s “Ecosystem 9.0” offers a structured view of the TA technology industry, bringing clarity to the complex, crowded space of TA tech.

An annual research endeavor, the 9th edition of the “TA Technology Ecosystem” highlights platforms, tools, products, and areas of functional expertise organized by both hiring stage and sub-vertical. The Ecosystem 9.0 reveals tremendous shifts in each hiring stage — Source, Engage, Select, and Hire — driven by technology innovations, candidate and client preferences, the global economy, and recruiting practices.

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TTL’s Ecosystem 9.0 helps vendors, buyers, analysts, and practitioners understand what TA tools do, how they solve respective business problems, and where each falls in the hiring process. One of the main intentions of Ecosystem 9.0 is to bring together the two languages of vendors and buyers to create a universal taxonomy that allows everyone to look at TA tech through the same lens.

TTL researched thousands of vendors and selected more than 500 companies to be featured in Ecosystem 9.0. As an agnostic research and analyst firm, TTL does not receive commissions or accepts requests from vendors to be included. TTL independently conducted all research and categorization.

David Francis, Head of Research at TTL, comments, “The talent acquisition technology ecosystem never stops evolving, and Ecosystem 9.0 represents the latest changes and trends happening in our industry. I want to congratulate all the companies featured in our ecosystem for continuing to build, innovate, and elevate the industry even during challenging times. I’m excited to see how technology will transform recruiting and talent acquisition in the months and years to come, and am proud that we can play some small part in that journey.”

By downloading the “Ecosystem 9.0,” you’ll gain:

  • A comprehensive overview of the talent acquisition technology ecosystem
  • An easy-to-comprehend layout of the most influential platforms
  • An understanding of the ever-growing Talent Acquisition technology landscape

Download the “Ecosystem 9.0” Now

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