The Time for Recruitment Process
Automation is Now

The need for recruitment process automation has never been greater. The tools that make it possible to automate your recruitment function have finally developed to a point where they can actually deliver on their promise. Enterprise automation is now going mainstream.

Process Automation Manifests Itself in
the TA Tech Landscape

TTL’s Research unearths how Recruitment Process Automation (RPA) fits into today’s talent acquisition construct and landscape. In the world of Talent Acquisition Technology, we use the term “Recruitment Process Automation” to refer to automating various tasks in the recruitment process.

Ways to Leverage Tech to Automate Your Recruitment Processes

The automation tool landscape is vast and complex. There’s not one single solution that can automate all recruiting processes, so it is essential to look at a detailed illustration of the automation landscape and common use cases of RPA solutions. TTL’s Playbook on RPA provides an easy-to-comprehend landscape, plus strategies and actionable advice for leaders adopting RPA technology.


In TTL’s Playbook on RPA, we help firms navigate automation technology solutions in terms of the specific business problems that corporations are trying to solve.

What Automation Means For Your Recruiting Function

The power of automation processes and conversational AI for recruitment and talent acquisition is limitless. Although, it can be difficult to know exactly how automation can enhance your recruitment function. The latest TTL Trends Report uncovers what Robotic Process Automation means and how to dispel common misconceptions.

Automation Across Each Step of the Recruitment Process

TTL’s Research provides a deep-dive into the state of automation in recruiting today. From selecting candidates to obtaining background checks and references, our research evaluates the automation level of each of these processes.