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Don’t get stuck listening to sales pitch after sales pitch. NEXT is a unique experience, unlike any other TA conference or event. Learn how it stands out from the rest.

What is Talent Tech NEXT?

At NEXT, hosted by Talent Tech labs, attendees will have the opportunity to discover and interact directly with cutting-edge, fully-vetted startup technologies.

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At each event, a dozen startup and mid-level TA technologies enter to present in front of the industry’s most prestigious TA buyers and leaders. Organizations should be able to implement these technologies directly into their recruiting tech stack. Attend this event to learn about top trends and real use-case implementation strategies from industry experts from within the Talent Acquisition Technology Ecosystem.

Why You Should Attend

This interactive expo is focused on the Source to Hire process, unlike any other conference. NEXT is about changing the way TA leaders empower their teams and select and implement technology.

Each event hosts keynote presentations about the industry’s latest trends and changes by some of TTL’s executive leaders and a small handful of guest leaders and speakers.


  • Neil Frye | Global Head of Recruitment, Operations, & Technology | Dropbox
    • Neil leads Dropbox’s TA teams in developing and executing top-notch People processes in expanding high-tech firms that are developing globally.
  • Brain Delle Donne | President | Talent Tech Labs
    • Brian has been a leading force in driving innovation through his career in operating roles in TA industry.
  • Jonathan Kestenbaum | Managing Director | Talent Tech Labs
    • Jonathan spends his days managing TTL’s innovation lab and advising the recruitment technology companies of tomorrow.


  • Suzanne Rumsey | Head of Global Talent Management | TiVo Corporation
    • Suzanne is the member of TiVo’s HR leadership team responsible for most aspects of TiVo’s Employee Experience, including talent lifecycle processes, executive, leadership & employee development, organization development, change enablement, and diversity, inclusion & belonging strategies and programs.
  • Shawn Phillips | Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition | Ancestry
    • Shawn is an experienced leader in the design, implementation, and management of recruiting and operations teams in a variety of industries.
  • Tom Brouchoud | Director of Global Talent Acquisition/Consumer | Symantec
    • Tom approaches TA from a strategic yet pragmatic perspective. He believes the fanciest strategies will only get you so far, especially if your foundation is faulty.

12 Technology Startups

12 NEXT technology platformswill be showcased for participants to interact with. Attendees can directly implement these implement these to drive TA function in managing the numerous and critical candidate touchpoints found throughout the source to hire process.

Powered by Talent Tech Labs’ NEXTmessage system, individuals will have a direct hand in validating these emerging technologies through an interactive “funding” round. Two winning startups to be selected to give deep-dive presentations at the close of the program.

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NEXTmessage is a startup funding and engagement app used at the Talent Tech NEXT event. Attendees can use this unique app to spend their $10,000 in NEXTbucks –  a “cryptocurrency” that is used to fund the companies in a friendly competition. Participants are encouraged to play the role of investor and “fund” the specific companies they would want to include in their own Talent Acquisition strategy. NEXTmessage also provides event hosts with meaningful insights into the trends and behaviors associated with the purchase of Talent Acquisition tech solutions, or virtually any simulated tech investment.

How It Works:

  1. Attendees scan the QR code or visit the given website on their mobile browser.
  2. Register by answering a few quick questions.
  3. Receive the NEXTbucks balance.
  4. View a list of all event participants in the app.
  5. Review the startups demoing their products.
  6. Use NEXTbucks to invest.
  7. NEXTmessaging will track and provide a real-time balance of remaining funds.

NEXTmessage was built through collaboration with our partners at DefMethod.

NEXT, hosted by Talent Tech Labs, is a one-of-a-kind event held semi-annually in New York City and Silicon Valley. Check out what startups made it to the top thanks to “investors“ using NEXTmessage.

NEXTmessage will also be featured at UNLEASH Amsterdam from October 23 – 24, 2019.

To learn more about past and upcoming events, visit the NEXT website: https://talenttechlabs.com/whats-next/.


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