Month: June 2020

Talent Tech Labs Celebrates and Honors Juneteenth

The History of Juneteenth  Independence Day for many Americans is associated with July 4th, a holiday that celebrates the United States as a nation that is united, free, and self-governed.  While Independence Day signifies the freedom of a nation, it does not necessarily symbolize the freedom of all individuals. In a famous Independence Day keynote,… Read more »

5 Strategies to Fix Your High-Volume Recruiting

Talent Tech Labs employee managing their high-volume recruiting

High-volume recruiting is a challenge, no matter what experience you have. The best tips and tricks are always changing with new tech stacks and a fluctuating economy. You need to sift through virtual piles of applications and narrow down high-quality candidates quickly, but high-volume hiring doesn’t leave room for mistakes. As a quick benchmark, an… Read more »

Talent Acquisition Trends for a Human Approach

Talent Tech Labs interviewer utilizing talent acquisition trends while video interviewing

Summary: Talent acquisition leaders will need to switch up their processes to fill positions again while trying to regain a human connectedness in a very different post-COVID future. These are the talent acquisition trends you can expect with a human approach to TA: Like many industries, talent acquisition was hit particularly hard during the COVID-19… Read more »


With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting most businesses and forcing an unprecedented number of workers to work remotely, Talent Tech Labs launched a virtual Workgroup for like-minded professionals to share their challenges and discuss timely topics, strategies, and developments. The third meeting of this series was focused on COVID-19 and its effect on hiring and returning… Read more »