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Technology Is Bridging the Divide Between HR and Talent Acquisition

The following article is an excerpt from our most recent Breaking Down Silos: Bridging the Gap Between Talent Acquisition and HR. In this report, TTL’s experts collaborate to paint a full picture of the technology available to help break down unnecessary silos between human resources and Talent Acquisition. While this blog covers this specific topic,… Read more »

Building an Operating System for Responsible AI

Credo is building a set of tools to help organizations leverage AI solutions compliantly, ethically, and responsibly. In this article, Co-founder Navrina Singh discusses the strengths and risks of using AI in hiring applications, current approaches and challenges to leveraging AI, and how they are building a platform to enable the whole ecosystem to operate… Read more »

50+ Talent Acquisition Experts from Our Trends Reports

Talent Tech Labs has a rich history of gathering insights from expert contributors for our Trends Reports. This list of experts was originally compiled and published in 2017 and has been updated and revised to reflect all contributors found in our Trends Reports as of October 2022.  Talent Tech Labs has been keeping a finger… Read more »

Thriving in an AI-Regulated World

When it comes to AI in the hiring process and how organizations can stay compliant and plan for the future, there is arguably no one better situated to advise than Craig Leen, a former director at the OFCCP, who now serves in an advisory capacity to multiple technology builders.  In this in-depth interview, we discuss… Read more »

AI in HR Recruitment: The Shifting Legal Landscape and What Recruiters Should Know

In this article, Stephen Dwyer¹, Chief Operating and Legal Officer of the American Staffing Association, discusses the state of play of AI regulations currently in place and provides practical suggestions for operating compliantly as a hiring organization looking to leverage AI-based tools. As human resource professionals continue to widely embrace new technologies to find, screen,… Read more »