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With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting most businesses and forcing an unprecedented number of workers to work remotely, Talent Tech Labs launched a virtual Workgroup for like-minded professionals to share their challenges and discuss timely topics, strategies, and developments. The third meeting of this series was focused on COVID-19 and its effect on hiring and returning… Read more »

Remote Work Takes Over the World

With ⅔  of the World sheltering in place, we are living in unprecedented times. Given the fact almost every company is now remote-first for the foreseeable future, TTL thought it timely to produce a Trends Report around best practices related to working remotely and managing your team from home. Our Trends Report draws upon 6… Read more »

2019 Talent Acquisition Capabilities Report Card [infographic]

Talent Tech Labs employees completing the 2019 2019 Talent Acquisition Survey

In July, we launched a survey focused on the use and adoption of Talent Acquisition Technology. In the survey, we asked two sets of questions about different aspects of organizational performance related to recruiting. The first asked respondents to rate their organization’s ability to perform various activities related to recruiting and hiring talent — such… Read more »

Calculating CPH for Early Career Professionals

Talent Tech Labs employees calculating cost per hire

The cost for companies to hire someone seems like the kind of thing that an HR department should know. It would allow firms to identify which parts of the recruiting process generate the most expenses and help identify problem areas to focus on. It would also allow companies to benchmark themselves against their peers and… Read more »

Microsoft Case Study: Launching an Internal Freelancer Program

Woman participating in Microsoft freelancing program

Authors: Chad Nesland, Director of Strategic Sourcing and Matthew Mattola, Lead Growth PM: Microsoft 365 Freelance Toolkit of Microsoft INTRODUCTION Here at Microsoft, we’ve been both observers and participants in what we think is one of the world’s biggest megatrends: talent continuing to move to flexible, on-demand ways of working globally, and the platforms and… Read more »

Talent Acquisition Enthusiasts, We Need Your Feedback!

The Talent Tech Labs 2018 State of Corporate Talent Acquisition Technology Survey is now out. Take this quick 10-minute survey to help us better understand the needs, uses and adoption of Talent Acquisition Technology. We’ll be diving into… Ecosystem 7: Shifts in Talent Acquisition Technology In a candidate-driven market, employers are met with the need… Read more »