Month: May 2018

Building the Future: A Deeper Look at Blockchain

We recently took a quick look at blockchain uses and its impact on Talent Acquisition and what it could mean for the future of business technology. Though the technology is new, surfacing first in 2009/2010 as the technology behind Bitcoin, investments in it have accumulated in exponential amounts. Last year, $945 million was spent on… Read more »

Blockchain Infographic: A Closer Look at Blockchain Technology

To understand what blockchain is in Talent Acquisition and HR, we first have to grasp the technology as a whole. Unfortunately, with it still being fairly new, there is a lot of room for misunderstanding and misconceptions. This blockchain infographic was created to add a little more clarity to all the confusion. But first, background… Read more »

12 Emerging TA Technologies Showcased at NEXT – What You Missed…

Did you miss Talent Tech NEXT? Held on May 3rd, the event was specifically geared to Talent Acquisition leaders interested in the future of Talent Acquisition Technology. Executives from Accenture, Disney, AIG, PwC, Crowe Horwath, MetLife, Sony, JetBlue, Credit Suisse, J&J were in attendance to meet 12 hand-selected and vetted Talent Acquisition Technologies. The interactive… Read more »