Month: September 2019

3 Reasons Why Tech Savvy Leaders Should Attend Staffing World

Fall is officially in full swing, along with the 2019 conference season. Some love it, some don’t, and others are ambivalent. For Talent Tech Labs, attending an industry conference is a great way to get out, meet people at scale and gain new insights. One conference we keep going back to is Staffing World, run… Read more »

Recap: Q3 Executive Forum – Solutioning Forward via Design Thinking

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” You don’t need to be a Michael Jordan fan to agree with this statement. Successful enterprises, like sports teams, rely on great people working together towards a common goal. Collaboration is a powerful experience and the principal reason why we hold an Executive Forum twice a… Read more »

Under the Microscope: AB-5 is a Mixed Bag

Uber employee benefitting from the gig economy

There’s a whole lot of ruckus going on in the Golden State. California just approved Assembly Bill 5, which specifically targets the gig economy and app-based companies. Under this measure, independent contractors who are working for such companies would be re-classified as employees and become eligible for minimum wage, benefits, pay guarantees, and union memberships… Read more »

Under the Microscope: LinkedIn Loses, But We All Win

This week a court rejected LinkedIn’s effort to stop hiQ, a San Francisco-based startup, from harvesting publicly available LinkedIn data from user profiles. The professional networking platform claimed it was an invasion of users’ privacy and violated the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, which addresses hacking. LinkedIn banned the startup from accessing its servers, but… Read more »