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Breaking News: Exciting Development for Talent Tech Labs!

Talent Tech Labs was founded with a vision to bring clarity to the complex talent technology landscape. I am thrilled to share an exciting development that will exponentially further our mission! QuantumWork Advisory, a specialized global workforce advisory and transformation firm, has acquired Talent Tech Labs. This acquisition will enhance QuantumWork Advisory’s offerings to provide… Read more »

Trends in Technical Skill Assessment Tools

The job market may rise and fall with the economy, but the hunger for skilled software engineers and developers never stops. In your pursuit to fortify your business with aptitude and mastery, embracing technical assessments is paramount.  In this post, we’ll discuss a few key trends in technical assessment tools to consider if your organization… Read more »

From Bloat to Brilliance: Reviving Middle Management

This past week, I had the pleasure of taking a read through “Power to the Middle: Why Managers Hold the Keys to the Future of Work” by McKinsey consultants Bill Schaninger, Bryan Hancock and Emily Field. The book highlighted the importance of middle management in building a healthy organization, and broke the topic down by… Read more »

The Power of Generative AI in Learning and Development

Generative AI has had a huge boom in the last year as organizations and companies rush to incorporate this new form of technology. It seems like we can’t escape any mention of generative AI or ChatGPT in our lives; whether it’s hearing about how useful it can be in creating trip itineraries to seeing talent… Read more »

Modernizing your Learning Approach for Today’s Workforce

One of the leading indicators of an organization learning to grow into the new age and listen to their employees is within their learning and development investment. During the COVID-19 pandemic, employee sentiment and loyalty highly correlated with the organization’s pandemic response and efforts; employees who felt like their companies had dealt with the situation… Read more »