Month: October 2020

How RPA Creates a More Human-Centric HR Profession and Workplace

The Power of Automation and Conversational AI for Your Recruitment Function trends report mockup on desk

By: Diego Lomanto, Vice President of Product Marketing for UiPath The world is in the middle of a major revolution in the way that work is done, much like it experienced with the transition from the Agricultural Age to the Industrial Age. Unlike these previous labor shifts – which were driven by physical machinery –… Read more »

Uncovering the Secrets of MSP Technology Stacks with Leading Talent Acquisition Practitioners and TTL

TA professional studying MSP technology updates

Brian Delle Donne, Talent Tech Labs Co-Founder, and President was a guest panelist at the Staffing Industry Analysts’ CWS Summit session “Demystifying Technology Stacks for MSP.” Ed Pederson, Vice President of Product Development, at Kelly moderated this panel made up of Procurement and Talent Acquisition practitioners and Talent Tech Labs. Pederson and the panelists discussed… Read more »