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Breaking News: Exciting Development for Talent Tech Labs!

Talent Tech Labs was founded with a vision to bring clarity to the complex talent technology landscape. I am thrilled to share an exciting development that will exponentially further our mission! QuantumWork Advisory, a specialized global workforce advisory and transformation firm, has acquired Talent Tech Labs. This acquisition will enhance QuantumWork Advisory’s offerings to provide… Read more »

Trends in Technical Skill Assessment Tools

The job market may rise and fall with the economy, but the hunger for skilled software engineers and developers never stops. In your pursuit to fortify your business with aptitude and mastery, embracing technical assessments is paramount.  In this post, we’ll discuss a few key trends in technical assessment tools to consider if your organization… Read more »

From Bloat to Brilliance: Reviving Middle Management

This past week, I had the pleasure of taking a read through “Power to the Middle: Why Managers Hold the Keys to the Future of Work” by McKinsey consultants Bill Schaninger, Bryan Hancock and Emily Field. The book highlighted the importance of middle management in building a healthy organization, and broke the topic down by… Read more »

4 Hidden Costs of Using Legacy Tech Stacks

Studies show that 31% of technology within organizations is made up of legacy systems, despite the many drawbacks incurred by relying on legacy systems. One of the most significant barriers to adopting new technology is the price tag that people assume comes with purchasing, learning, and implementing new technology. But what if we told you… Read more »

Game-changing Talent Technology Companies are Adopting

Cheerful hindu woman caucasian man multi-ethnic colleagues working together sit at desk look at computer screen discuss new project search solutions joking to increase effective communication concept

This article about talent technology originally appeared in July 2019. All relevant information and stats have been updated as of July 2022. Recruiting is no easy feat. It can be costly, take longer than it should, and to some corporate talent leaders’ dismay, result in a hire that doesn’t stay quite as long as it… Read more »

Your Guide To Talent Intelligence Platforms: Part 1


This article about Talent Intelligence platforms was originally published in September 2021 and was updated to reflect new information on Talent Intelligence in the realms of talent acquisition and talent management in July 2022. Most everyone in the talent acquisition space, from HR leaders to recruiters to talent acquisition professionals to staffing company executives, has… Read more »