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Pay-Per-Application Job Postings: What You Need to Know

What is a Pay-Per-Application Model? To sponsor jobs on a job board, employers generally pay for the job ad itself (often charged by the month) or pay per job seeker click on the job ad. Indeed has been the most prominent job board with a pay-per-click model, and as Indeed increased its market share among… Read more »

Ecosystem 10: Talent Acquisition Technology Trends


Today marks a substantial milestone with the release of the 10th edition of the Talent Acquisition Ecosystem. Designed to provide clarity and insight for practitioners, the ecosystem has evolved substantially over the years, from an idea on a whiteboard to the offices of thousands of organizations around the world. It reflects the latest, most innovative,… Read more »

[Part 2] Job Advertising is Getting Outsourced

Job advertising is a component of talent acquisition that has always and will always be necessary, but until recent years, it required little upkeep. The mid-2000s proved a tough job market for candidates and easy recruitment for talent acquisition teams.