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TTL Saved TOPS Staffing Time Choosing The Right Tech Vendors


As a forward-thinking company, Talent Tech Labs prides itself in supporting those from all backgrounds. Often, we choose to highlight specific success cases in which our members found benefits from embracing a long-term partnership with our team of experts. Today, we’ll highlight how TOPS Staffing, LLC. utilized TLL’s advice when it came to sifting through… Read more »

Ecosystem 10 Part 4: Hiring TA Tech Trends


Talent Acquisition Technology Ecosystem Taxonomy We’re back again with the next part of our Ecosystem 10 report! For some background, Talent Acquisition Technology Ecosystem is an industry report that we divide into four stages. Each of these four stages consists of various verticals and sub-verticals that more deeply define and describe the current state and… Read more »

Should Contingent Worker Acquisition be Managed by TA?

Originally appeared on The Staffing Stream The trend towards increased preference for flexible work is now widely accepted. You’ve heard the statistics; 40% of the workforce will be flexible by 2020. It’s driven on both the supply and demand sides, suggesting the phenomenon is here to stay. While companies recognize the benefits of having just-in-time,… Read more »

Is the Gig Economy Changing Entrepreneurship?

For years, innovation within the marketplace has consisted of entrepreneurs creating new processes, products and plans to satisfy the evolution of consumer needs. As we continue on in the Information Age, these new ideas have evolved to be less about new ideas and more about “new ways” to reach the end goal of customer satisfaction…. Read more »