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Your Guide To Talent Intelligence Platforms: Part 1


This article about Talent Intelligence platforms was originally published in September 2021 and was updated to reflect new information on Talent Intelligence in the realms of talent acquisition and talent management in July 2022. Most everyone in the talent acquisition space, from HR leaders to recruiters to talent acquisition professionals to staffing company executives, has… Read more »

Shifts in the Talent Acquisition Technology Ecosystem Explained

shifts-talent-acquisition-ecosystem-explained In the first 4 parts of our 10th Edition Ecosystem we took a deeper look at the changes and evolutions to the 4 stages, Source, Engage, Select, and Hire. Over the course of the last 10 Ecosystems, the overall structure has remained unchanged, but the changes to the verticals, sub-verticals, and vendor levels are worth... Read more »

Ecosystem 10 Part 3: Selection Talent Acquisition Tech Trends


Talent Acquisition Technology Ecosystem Taxonomy As we’ve previously discussed, the Talent Acquisition Technology Ecosystem is divided into four stages. Each of these stages consists of various verticals and sub-verticals that further define and describe the current state of TA tech. While the overall structure of the Ecosystem remains unchanged, several changes and adjustments have happened… Read more »

Talent Intelligence Pt. 3: New Operating Models


In the first part of our 3-part report, we looked at how talent intelligence tools helped to support and enhance your existing talent acquisition technologies. Then, we dove into the specific drivers and best use cases for implementing a Talent Intelligence platform. Today, in the final part of our 3-part series, we’ll shift our focus… Read more »

Investment in Human Resources Technology Hits an All-Time High in 2021


Hiring has skyrocketed in 2021 and made a huge rebound from the layoffs of the 2020 lockdowns. With hiring rates accelerating exponentially in 2021, we’ve seen renewed vigor around investment in talent acquisition technology and the human resources space. In the current thriving talent acquisition and HR space, there are many emerging trends that make… Read more »

How Beamery Realizes the Power of Talent Intelligence Capabilities in Candidate Relationship Management Tools  

By Sultan Saidov, Co-founder and President, Beamery & Jeet Mukerji, Product Manager, Beamery In this article, Sultan Saidov Co-Founder and President and Jeet Mukerji Product Manager of Beamery describe how Beamery started as a candidate relationship management system and shifted to adding talent intelligence capabilities. Saidov and Mukerji uncover why Talent Intelligence is important and… Read more »