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Under the Microscope: SHL Acquires AspiringMinds – We Told You It’d Happen

Last week US-based SHL, the largest provider of psychometric and cognitive talent assessments, announced it would acquire its competitor, India-based AspiringMinds, a provider of employability evaluations and certifications with over 3,000 clients across the US and Asia-Pacific. The HRtech start-up relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms for talent assessments and “through this acquisition… Read more »

Calculating CPH for Early Career Professionals

Talent Tech Labs employees calculating cost per hire

The cost for companies to hire someone seems like the kind of thing that an HR department should know. It would allow firms to identify which parts of the recruiting process generate the most expenses and help identify problem areas to focus on. It would also allow companies to benchmark themselves against their peers and… Read more »

Under the Microscope: Uber Works – Will it Dominate the Market?

UberWorks gig economy worker on phone

If you’ve been following the TTL blog, you’ll know we’re very vocal about the gig economy. Last month, we examined the introduction of Assembly Bill 5 in California, and two weeks ago we released our newest trends report “Remote Work Platforms: Trends in Temp Labor Marketplaces.” Today, we’re discussing the launch of Uber Works, a… Read more »

Interview Assessment Standards Are Coming

Interview assessment standards are coming. We knew this would happen, the Talent Acquisition community just wasn’t entirely sure when it would happen. If you’re confident in the way your company currently uses assessments, you’re in rare company. According to the Global Talent Report, most TA professionals don’t really want to adopt new interviewing tactics and… Read more »

The HR Source Interviews TTL on Women in TA Tech & Its Future

Our very own Jonathan Kestenbaum sat down with The HR SOURCE’s YouTube video host, Cynthia Prospers, to discuss what’s emerging in the HR Tech space, women in HR Technology, and what sets Talent Tech Labs apart from its competition. Check out the breakdown of the interview below, or watch the full interview here. Cynthia Prospers:… Read more »