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How the Most Innovative Companies are Transforming Talent Data into Talent Intelligence

This case study shows how Intel leveraged HireScore’s Talent Intelligence capabilities to gain excellent candidates. Athena Karp, the CEO of HiredScore reveals in the case study how the most innovative companies turning “Talent Data” into “Talent Intelligence”. Karp pinpoints how to leverage Talent Intelligence to find the right talent at the right time and cost…. Read more »

TTL’s Ecosystem 9.0 Brings Clarity to the Crowded Space of TA Technology

The talent acquisition and HR tech industry is a crowded space, and it is positioned to keep growing. Talent acquisition and HR leaders are continually inundated with information about various technologies across the entire landscape. With the bombardment of information, it can be daunting to cut through the noise and locate the right solution to… Read more »

2019 Year-In-Review: Top Trends & Key Takeaways

There was a lot of action this year in TA technology and, based on all the data we’re seeing, more growth, innovation, and collaboration will take place in 2020. It’s an exciting time to be in talent acquisition! Here is our recap of notable moments and talent acquisition trends from 2019, from triple-digit funding rounds… Read more »

Under the Microscope – Shared Talent Networks

Talent Tech Labs employee hiring from shared talent network

Shared Talent Networks: Why This Technology Never Gained Traction in Talent Acquisition Shared Talent Networks, part of Peer-to-Peer Recruitment, came onto the scene in 2016 with the debut of, followed by HireVisor, which has since shuttered. In 2017, Stella raised $10M. The idea of Shared Talent Networks sounds interesting and innovative, but in practice,… Read more »

Interview: Bringing Staffing to the Platform Age via YOSS

Talent Tech Labs team discussing changes in the staffing industry

TTL’s Director of Research, David Francis, sat down with Marcus Sawyer, President and Global CEO at YOSS, for a one-on-one interview about the global talent platform. TTL Intro: If the world of work is changing, there’s arguably no industry poised to change more over the next few years due to the intersection of technology, workforce… Read more »