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TTL’s Latest Playbook “How to Hire Remotely” is Available to the Public

Candidate interviewing via remote hiring with TTL

Talent Tech Labs understands business leaders are concerned about maintaining continuity in their hiring operations and ensuring recruiters have an effective strategy to perform in a remote working environment. In that regard, our research team has decided to release the playbook “How to Hire Remotely: Maintaining Continuity in a Remote Working Model” free to the… Read more »

2019 Year-In-Review: Top Trends & Key Takeaways

There was a lot of action this year in TA technology and, based on all the data we’re seeing, more growth, innovation, and collaboration will take place in 2020. It’s an exciting time to be in talent acquisition! Here is our recap of notable moments and talent acquisition trends from 2019, from triple-digit funding rounds… Read more »

API: Why?

The majority of recruiting and talent acquisition teams today are using multiple tools to find, attract, and engage talent and for 2016, 46% of organizations anticipated increased spending for their HR technologies. The problem with using a variety of tools, though, is it can slow down the process as these tools likely do not communicate… Read more »

What’s Driving AI? Humans, Not Robots

Advancements in AI have been both thrilling and terrifying to watch both in personal life and the world of business. Of course, as with any new and innovative tech, there are bound to be critics. In Talent Acquisition, this is more than an understatement as more and more recruiters fear the implications of their own… Read more »