Month: November 2016

The 5 Foundations of Pitching Your Early Stage Startup

With 27 million Americans starting their own businesses, making a good impression on investors is both vital and difficult. Creating a great pitch is not nearly as complicated as it sounds if you understand your core value proposition. Leave the gimmicks at home and remember these 5 foundations of pitching your business to investors.  Unfamiliar… Read more »

How Talent Acquisition Technology is Enabling More Diverse Recruitment

There’s little doubt that technology has made the world smaller. From the invention of email to the popularization of smartphones, contacting people worlds away in a matter of seconds is not only possible, it’s common place. Interestingly enough, the increased connection largely influences the advancement of technology. It’s a cyclical process that has lead to… Read more »

Gaining New Insight into Talent Acquisition Technology Strategy

Mercer Explains Talent Tech Labs’ Ecosystem Competition for skilled talent is hot — and increasingly challenging across the globe. Solutions — often from young innovative companies — hit the market almost daily. But how are recruiters, hiring managers and HR professionals looking for new software solutions to ascertain which solutions make sense for them? Mercer… Read more »

SiriusXM Radio Interview Recap: Entrepreneurs Are Everywhere

A few months back, I had the chance to sit down with Steve Blank (@sgblank) on the Entrepreneurs Are Everywhere radio show. Opportunities like these are always inspiring. For one thing, I am able to discuss our very own innovation lab and the amazing accomplishments it has seen in the last two years. My favorite… Read more »

About that AAAS

Analytics as a Service or AaaS is just one of the bleeding edge trends we’ve been keeping our eyes on here at Talent Tech Labs. We’re on the forefront of the technology impacting Talent Acquisition and our Trends Report and Ecosystem are just the tip of the iceberg. As we vet new Talent Acquisition technologies,… Read more »