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TTL Honors Pride Month with a DE&I Tech Spotlight

The technological advancements made every day across the world serve to do just that, advance us. These technological revolutions breathe new life into old processes and create an opportunity to change the way we’ve previously approached important initiatives like diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.  In the backdrop of June being Pride Month, we are analyzing… Read more »

How Talent Acquisition Technology is Enabling More Diverse Recruitment

There’s little doubt that technology has made the world smaller. From the invention of email to the popularization of smartphones, contacting people worlds away in a matter of seconds is not only possible, it’s common place. Interestingly enough, the increased connection largely influences the advancement of technology. It’s a cyclical process that has lead to… Read more »

What Pied Piper from Silicon Valley and Talent Tech Labs Have in Common

After HBO’s launch of season three of Silicon Valley this May, we realized something… Talent Tech Labs isn’t too far off base with what The Hollywood Reporter describes as ‘squirm-worthy awkwardness’. Silicon Valley is a television series about a diverse gang of computer geniuses kicking off an incredibly valuable compression algorithm. The brainy bunch resides in… Read more »