Month: February 2017

How to Manage IP to Drive Innovation & Pad the Bottom Line

Intellectual property (IP) is an often overlooked, but nearly always valuable asset to a business or entrepreneur. For larger organizations, it has become easy to let the legal department handle the detail of IP, but this could actually be stifling development. This may very well be a large part of the reason “innovative” coincides with… Read more »

What’s Driving AI? Humans, Not Robots

Advancements in AI have been both thrilling and terrifying to watch both in personal life and the world of business. Of course, as with any new and innovative tech, there are bound to be critics. In Talent Acquisition, this is more than an understatement as more and more recruiters fear the implications of their own… Read more »

Trends Report V7 Release: AI from Sourcing to Selection

Trends Report vol. 7: Real AI – Sourcing, Engagement, & Selection from Red Branch Media on Vimeo. From sourcing to selection, it’s clear that Artificial Intelligence is making its mark throughout the hiring process and beyond. This is why we took on the task of demystify AI in our latest Trends Report V7. The report… Read more »