Month: June 2021

Direct Sourcing is the Next Big Thing in Contingent Workforce Management


In this article, Edwin Jansen, Head of Corporate Development at Raise Recruiting, discusses the burgeoning trend of Direct Sourcing and declares that a Direct Sourcing Revolution is taking place now. Jansen draws upon data and an innovation adoption curve to demonstrate why contingent workforce leaders need to evaluate their implementation options and map out a… Read more »

LiveHire’s Best Practices for Direct Sourcing Contingent Workers for Large Enterprises

One thing most discussions about Direct Sourcing are missing is hard data. In this article, Christy Forest, CEO of LiveHire, a leading global Direct Sourcing technology company, provides an introduction to the best practice of direct sourcing of contingent workforces for large enterprises. The article also sheds light on the benefits of outsourcing the management… Read more »

Top 3 Learnings on the Use of Direct Sourcing to Enable a Gig Economy Strategy

In this article, Praneeth Patola, CEO of WillHire, a Direct Sourcing and Talent Pool Solution, shares their organization’s origin story and discusses their goals to build better ways to connect enterprises with contract labor. WillHire has led many client implementations and shares key learnings. Patola reveals his knowledge of what talent curation means and who… Read more »