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#HROS: How Ph.Creative Transformed Virgin Media’s Candidate Experience

Editor’s Note: This case study is republished from HR Open Source (#HROS). About HROS: HR Open Source is a knowledge sharing community bringing open source learning approaches to the global field of HR and recruiting. Learn more about all of the ways you can engage and collaborate with the HR Open Source community to your… Read more »

New Trends Report Reveals Exciting Transformations in Candidate Experience

Editor’s Note: In the last volume of our trends report, we focused on the advancements seen in assessments and gamification and how they’re a catalyst for improving the candidate experience. Today, we’re in a market that is undeniably candidate driven and the treatment these individuals receive during the hiring process can mean the difference between… Read more »

About that AAAS

Analytics as a Service or AaaS is just one of the bleeding edge trends we’ve been keeping our eyes on here at Talent Tech Labs. We’re on the forefront of the technology impacting Talent Acquisition and our Trends Report and Ecosystem are just the tip of the iceberg. As we vet new Talent Acquisition technologies,… Read more »

[Part 3] CRM is Enhancing the Candidate Experience

Companies in the Candidate Relationship Management segment are focusing at the top of the candidate engagement funnel by interacting with potential and future hires to build a talent community. With such a growing emphasis on the candidate experience, effective CRM solutions are critical to building up rapport with candidates prior to selection and, hopefully, engaging… Read more »