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TTL’s Playbook “Using Technology To Improve Diversity in the Hiring Process” Free to the Public

With recent events, we have seen renewed vigor in diversity hiring and technology. News articles are noting that companies are at the forefront of driving change. An article from Reuters shows the protests are not just calling for change in law enforcement, but also for companies to re-envision their approach to diversity. Companies have already… Read more »

Talent Tech Labs Celebrates and Honors Juneteenth

The History of Juneteenth  Independence Day for many Americans is associated with July 4th, a holiday that celebrates the United States as a nation that is united, free, and self-governed.  While Independence Day signifies the freedom of a nation, it does not necessarily symbolize the freedom of all individuals. In a famous Independence Day keynote,… Read more »

5 Strategies to Fix Your High-Volume Recruiting

Talent Tech Labs employee managing their high-volume recruiting

High-volume recruiting is a challenge, no matter what experience you have. The best tips and tricks are always changing with new tech stacks and a fluctuating economy. You need to sift through virtual piles of applications and narrow down high-quality candidates quickly, but high-volume hiring doesn’t leave room for mistakes. As a quick benchmark, an… Read more »

Calculating CPH for Early Career Professionals

Talent Tech Labs employees calculating cost per hire

The cost for companies to hire someone seems like the kind of thing that an HR department should know. It would allow firms to identify which parts of the recruiting process generate the most expenses and help identify problem areas to focus on. It would also allow companies to benchmark themselves against their peers and… Read more »

Under the Microscope: Bullhorn Gobbles Up Competition Again

Bullhorn, a cloud-computing company that helps staffing and recruiting organizations transform their businesses, announced yesterday it has acquired Erecruit, a top applicant tracking system, and pay and bill solutions. The acquisition provides Bullhorn with access to intellectual property, internal talent, and a roster of long-standing relationships with leading staffing firms. It also means access to… Read more »

3 Reasons Why Tech Savvy Leaders Should Attend Staffing World

Fall is officially in full swing, along with the 2019 conference season. Some love it, some don’t, and others are ambivalent. For Talent Tech Labs, attending an industry conference is a great way to get out, meet people at scale and gain new insights. One conference we keep going back to is Staffing World, run… Read more »