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Why Talent Technology Needs Its Own Tech Stack

Two HR professionals discussing new talent acquisition tech

The urgency for talent technology to have its own tech stack is greater than ever today. This article was originally published in May 2019 and we have updated it to surface current pressing details. More relevant statistics and talent management has been added to the original article. When working with our corporate members, it’s clear… Read more »

How Our Ecosystem Taxonomy Has Evolved Over The Years

learned-world-staffing-summit-technology Recently, we announced the release of our 10th Edition of the Ecosystem. This taxonomy, which is designed to provide clarity and insight for practitioners regarding TA tech and industry trends, has grown substantially since our first iteration. Over the years, our team added new categories, stages, verticals, and sub-verticals as the TA tech vendor marketplace... Read more »

A Look Back At Talent Tech Labs In 2021

2021 is coming to a close, meaning it’s time to close the books on yet another tumultuous year. While companies continue to adjust to the changes brought on by the pandemic, one thing is certain: TTL remains as committed as ever to bringing you the latest insights and information for the TA technology space.  In… Read more »

Creating A Knockout Talent Engagement Strategy

Talent Tech Labs employee evaluating their talent engagement strategy

This article on talent engagement and strategies for winning over top talent was originally published in August 2020. All relevant copy and statistics have been updated as of October 2021. Knockout Talent Engagement doesn’t just happen. Talent leaders have to be intentional about creating an engagement strategy based on business improvement, individual employee needs, and… Read more »

The Origins, Launch, and Early Results of Facebook’s Contingent Workforce Group


Facebook is a publicly traded global social network with more than 50,000 employees and more than 2 billion monthly users. In this article, Colin McDonagh, Global Program Manager of Contractor Programs at Facebook, shares an overview of Facebook’s Contingent Workforce Group. He reveals the origins of Facebook’s Direct Sourcing Program and sheds light on the… Read more »

How the Most Innovative Companies are Transforming Talent Data into Talent Intelligence

This case study shows how Intel leveraged HireScore’s Talent Intelligence capabilities to gain excellent candidates. Athena Karp, the CEO of HiredScore reveals in the case study how the most innovative companies turning “Talent Data” into “Talent Intelligence”. Karp pinpoints how to leverage Talent Intelligence to find the right talent at the right time and cost…. Read more »