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How Beta Testing Helps You – Not Just Your Technology

Feedback from beta testers is a crucial component in the successful launch of any emerging technology. Starting something new, whether it be a practice, hobby, or job, requires a level of trial and error that only following through with a process can obtain. That’s exactly why we believe beta testing is a pivotal step in… Read more »

AI Accelerates Human Innovation: Robots aren’t Replacements

Three out of every four U.S. tech industry CEOs believe automation and machine learning are likely to replace at least 5% of their manufacturing, technology, sales, and marketing workforce by 2019. With so much innovation expected in less than 2 years, we have a great deal to learn about automation and how it affects the… Read more »

Talent Tech Labs Searches for Recruiting’s Next Big Thing

As if you haven’t already noticed, the world of talent acquisition is awash in vendors promising to revolutionize every aspect of the process, from sourcing to pre-screening to interviewing to onboarding. How to keep track of it all? The founders of Talent Tech Labs confronted this very same question and decided to form their start-up,… Read more »

What Pied Piper from Silicon Valley and Talent Tech Labs Have in Common

After HBO’s launch of season three of Silicon Valley this May, we realized something… Talent Tech Labs isn’t too far off base with what The Hollywood Reporter describes as ‘squirm-worthy awkwardness’. Silicon Valley is a television series about a diverse gang of computer geniuses kicking off an incredibly valuable compression algorithm. The brainy bunch resides in… Read more »